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a commitment to excellence

A Commitment to Excellence Everyday

As part of our commitment to excellence we strive to provide the best customer service available in Atlantic Canada. We have hired a full range of wine and spirit experts to help guide our clients to the best possible fit for their budgets and desires.

What's In A Name?

Splicing the mainbrace aboard HMCS Prince Robert on VJ Day The name of our company is derived from nautical terminology and custom. A mainbrace is the line with pulley used to hoist the mainsail of the sort of wooden sailing ship traditional to Atlantic Canadian waters. The term "splicing the mainbrace" refers to the Royal Navy custom of rewarding a ship's crew for a job particularly well done by serving everyone an extra tot of rum. To do this, the Captain gave the order, "Splice the Mainbrace!" As a beverage alcohol agency in Atlantic Canada which is committed to doing the job particularly well for our clients around the world, what could be more natural than to associate ourselves with the notion of Splicing the Mainbrace?