At Mainbrace International
we carry only the very best
in wines and spirits. We
travel the world to
bring you variety and
experience you can
taste in every

a commitment to excellence

A Commitment to Excellence

As part of our commitment to excellence we strive to provide the best customer service available in Atlantic Canada. We have hired a full range of wine and spirit experts to help guide our clients to the best possible fit for their budgets and desires.

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    Fine establishments currently serving Mainbrace products…

    Nova Scotia See All

    • Hebels Restaurant

      Peter Hebel

      http://www.hebelsrestaurant.ca Hebel’s Restaurant, located in the former Wynward Inn, opened early September 2006 and features casual fine dining in the intimate setting of the mid-19th century Victorian home on Stellarton Road. Owned and […]


    New Brunswick See All

    • The Blue Door Restaurant & Bar

      Blue Door Fredericton

      Visit Website Local & Fresh – That’s Our Mission Located in the heart of downtown Fredericton, the blue door enjoys a reputation for excellence in food, wine and hospitality. The […]


    Newfoundland See All

    • Biancas

      Biancas Nfld

      http://www.biancas.net While the burgeoning restaurant scene in St. John’s has witnessed epic change during the past two decades, the one constant of culinary perfection is Bianca’s on Water Street. In […]


    PEI See All

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