At Mainbrace International
we carry only the very best
in wines and spirits. We
travel the world to
bring you variety and
experience you can
taste in every

a commitment to excellence

A Commitment to Excellence

As part of our commitment to excellence we strive to provide the best customer service available in Atlantic Canada. We have hired a full range of wine and spirit experts to help guide our clients to the best possible fit for their budgets and desires.

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    Fine establishments currently serving Mainbrace products…

    Nova Scotia See All

    • Chives Canadian Bistro

      Chives Bistro

      http://www.chives.ca Chives Canadian Bistro is conveniently located in beautiful historic downtown Halifax at 1537 Barrington Street. The restaurant is intimate, warm and inviting. Chef’s Darren and Craig have been pioneer’s […]


    New Brunswick See All

    • L’ldylle Bistro Dieppe

      L'idylle Dieppe

      http://www.idylle.ca/ L’idylle se renouvelle et devient Bistro Parisien . The idyll is renewed and becomes Bistro Parisien. Venez goûter aux charmes de la cuisine traditionnelle française avec les produits locaux […]


    Newfoundland See All

    • Magnum & Steins

      Magnum and Steins Nfld

      http://www.magnumandsteins.ca Welcome to Magnum & Steins restaurant, located in a beautifully renovated heritage building in the heart of  historic downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland. Our elegant dining room menu features fresh fish and […]


    PEI See All

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