Special Orders

Special Orders

Nova Scotia

If you are interested in purchasing a product that is not listed by the NSLC, this is the option you would pursue. However, due to a variety of reasons, we don’t always have the ability to import every product and most special orders require that you purchase at least a case. The stipulations vary based on the product. If you’re interested in placing a special order, please email Stephen Bordl (stephen.bordl@myNSLC.com) and he will assist you.

This is an excellent way for consumers and licensees to get products not otherwise available in NSLC stores.  We heartily applaud the NSLC for this forward-looking initiative.

The NSLC will track down the product you want (from either another Provincial liquor board in Canada or direct from the producer) and call you with a price quotation (which includes all of the usual markup and taxes).  Then you decide whether you want the product at that price. If you do order, the product will be delivered to any NSLC store you specify.

The only difficulty that we can foresee is that, if the product is not available elsewhere in Canada, some brewers, distillers, and wineries may not be prepared to ship single case orders.   Thus they will either not ship at all or will insist on larger order quantities.

Here is what Mainbrace is doing to overcome this difficulty and help you take full advantage of the program:
*   We will consult with our clients around the world to see which will ship single cases
*   We will publish that information, together with tasting notes on available products and an estimate of the NSLC price per case
*   If you decide to place a private order from our list, contact the NSLC as set out above, and please contact us so that we can follow-up with the supplier to make sure that your order is shipped in a timely way.   You can get us by phone (902-422-6193), by fax (902-423-4367) or by e-mail  (mainbrace@mainbrace.ca).

New Brunswick

Residents of New Brunswick can place special orders through any NBL store in the province.  NB Liquor will source the product you want, and will confirm prices with you before any order is placed.

Minimum order quantities are: Beer – 10 flats (i.e.240 bottles)
Wine and spirits sourced in Canada (perhaps from another liquor commission) – 1 case
Wine and spirits sourced outside of Canada – 5 cases

More information can be found on the ANBL website.